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Thank you for your interest in our hand-fabricated custom stained glass windows. Rayer's Bearden Stained Glass has been in business since 1975. We have worked with more than 500 churches, designing and installing everything from sandblasted alter windows to glorious twelve-foot-high installations. Our goal is to create a beautiful art piece within the budget of the committee. We offer personalized service, one-on-one design consultation, and an experienced staff that puts quality in our work. We are well-versed in working hand-in-hand with committees of all sizes and have an understanding of key foundations, principles, and symbolism popular to each denomination. We also work in exterior glass. Replacing plexiglass will protect the life of your panels, help better insulate and is more aesthetically pleasing. Rayer’s has the experience you can trust from the smallest chapel to the largest cathedral, whether the need is new windows or old restorations.

Our artists are among the top in the nation for their art skills, using style techniques from gothic to modern contemporary. We also offer a wide range of services in specialty glass work, including paint and fire, hot and cold glass techniques, sandblasting and carving. Rayer’s is one of the top innovative stained glass businesses in the country due to our evolving and trending techniques. In 2007, we were named as the first annual “Art Gallery of the Year” by the national AGA (Art Glass Association).

Please scroll through the pages in our online gallery! Feel free to contact us with your own questions, to get a quote or for advice. We would also love for you to come and visit us!

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